Character Education:


Character is defined as the combination of traits and qualities distinguishing the individual nature of a person or thing. Character is doing the right thing when no one is looking.

Character Education is the process by which positive personality traits are developed, encouraged and reinforced through example, study and recognition. Mrs. Roberson will display the character education words on the bulletin board in the cafeteria. Certificates will be awarded and a photograph will be taken of the students that have been selected from each homeroom in grades K-3, demonstrating the character trait.


Timeline for Teaching

Character Trait


Suggested Activities

Aug. 8-12

This week will be used to explain character education to the class and how it will be taught and recognized in the class/school.

Aug. 15-26


Aug. 24


Working with others to accomplish a task

Working in groups or with partners; following directions

Aug. 29-Sept. 9

Photo: Sept. 7



controlling one’s actions and responses

Learn strategies to practice self- control such as counting to 10, role play situations to exercise self- control

Sept. 12-Set. 23

Photo: Sept. 21


Being nice to those around you

Note kind things we say to one another and how we treat one another

Sept. 26-Oct. 6


Oct. 5


To keep on trying; not to give up; stick to it

Discuss:  “When the going gets tough the tough keep going”

Brainstorm things that may be hard but you don’t stop trying i.e.:  riding a bike

Oct. 11-21


Oct. 19



to treat others with courtesy and consideration

Talk about manners, role play situation that demonstrate vs. not demonstrates respect for others

Oct. 24-Nov. 4

Photo: Nov. 2


Obligated to expectations

Review school/class expectations

Nov. 7-Nov. 18

Photo: Nov. 16


Full of cheer, joy , happiness

Share funny stories; brainstorm things to cheer people up

Nov. 28-Dec. 9


Dec. 7


To feel and express gratitude

Write thank you notes; list things to be thankful for

Jan. 9- Jan 20

Photo: 18


Feeling for another’s sorrow or hardship

Brainstorm how to show compassion

Jan. 23- Feb. 3


Feb. 1


Truthful, not lying, cheating or stealing

Discuss right and wrong choices, explain ‘honesty is the best policy”

Feb. 6- Feb. 17


Feb. 15



Demonstrating good manners

Discuss manners for: table, phone, respect, etc.

Feb. 21-Mar. 3

Photo: March 1


Enduring calmly without complaining or losing control

Discuss things to do while waiting on something

March 6- March 17

Photo: March 15


Being  on time, prompt

Review procedures for tardiness; brainstorm reasons for being late-problem solve.

Mar. 20- 31


March 29


Using one’s talent to produce something

Note examples of students’ creativity

Apr. 10- Apr. 21


April 19


Treating opponents with fairness and courtesy

Draw a picture of someone showing good sportsmanship include board games as well

Apr. 24-May 5

Photo: May 3


Willing to share

Participate in a service project; discuss appropriate things to share or not share


Character Education Guidelines

  • The teacher is responsible for posting and teaching the character trait according to the Character Education schedule.
  • The teacher will select one student from the class that demonstrates the character trait. Certificates will be provided for you to present to the student. Please be sure you are thoughtful with this process. Teaching and recognizing the character traits should not be taken lightly.
  • Teach the character trait for two weeks. The selected student from each homeroom will be recognized Wednesday of the second week. We will announce the names on the morning announcements and have them report to the cafeteria for a photograph for the newspaper.
  • A form will be provided for you to record the recipient’s name from your class. This form will be given at faculty meetings or given to your grade chair.
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